..... they do deserve a second chance..

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paris Hilton Shoulder Bag

Paris Hilton shoulder bag

Front view
Upper : Tear off onthe shoulder handle, Lower : Fabric inside bag with Paris Hilton wording 
Price : RM 45 + Free Postage
Condition : 8/10

Mario Valentino Leather Vintage Clutch Bag

Mario Valentino Leather Vintage Clutch Bag  (Made in Italy)

Clockwise : Unique zipper holder, zipper with authentic Mario Valentino logo,MV logo inside,Embaded MV logo on inner of clutch

Front view

Rear view
Price : RM 60 + FREE POSTAGE
Condition : 10/10

Soft Leather Shoulder Handbag

Soft leather shoulder bag

Condition : 9/10

Mario Valentino Leather Vintage Clutch bag

Mario Valentino Leather Vintage Clutch Bag
Front view
Rear view
Inside, zipper and logo 
Price : RM 45 + FREE POSTAGE
Condition : 9/10

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LeSportsac twin Sling bag

Sling bag ( look alike design of LeSportsac bags :-)
Price : RM35 free postage :-)
Condition : 9/10

The inside of bag & size comparison 
Sling back front view

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi... guess its been so long time ago since i last updated this blog...well guess what..you are about to view another pile of...wait for it.... vintage bag, leather bags... stay  tune : miss u all :