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Monday, January 31, 2011

CNY early Angpow!!!

Update!! update!!!.... to all babes check out this latest updates...relove them all you want..price includes posting fees!!! yes including posting..cant believe it, well you have to..consider this as an early angpow from me =) ...three days booking ya..this batch is till 20th Feb 2011 je tau so hurry up
To all my customers whose celebrating this coming CNY, Happy New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

the Rainbow

code: A18
UK9 / M to smaller L can fit
Elastic waist

93cm in Length
selling @:
rM25 (free posting!!!!!)


Code: A19
Bust= 37cm , length= 80cm
* knitted details around neck & some
place on the dress itself
*could be worn as top and legging or
well dress =)

(free posting!!!!!!)

overall dress

details around neck


rM25 (free posting!!!!!!!)
the Green spaghetti strap
code: A20
M to small L
condition 8/10 , length= 79cm
color dark green

the dress

details at the lower part of the dress

another glance to make up the mind =)

code: A21

the Checkered dress2
M to small L
Bust= 43 cm , length= 90cm
selling @:

(free posting!!!!!)

ada back zipper

close up on the garment

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bags update

Happy New Year!! Kind of late dah nak wish new year kan tp xpe better late than never kan =)
So as an opening for this year update, i'll introduce some of the new bags crew...3 days booking as usual k..

SOLD 2 zELL!! tQ darling!!


SOLD to Marlida!! tq babe =)


W: 49cm
D: 37cm
PriceTag: Rm 15
*Leather like product
*its big...you could stuff two 12" lappy inside!!

the Zipper

surface close up


SOLD to Nadia!! tq babe

vintage bag pack