..... they do deserve a second chance..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday post (II)

And another dress to bug off the stress!!!

Pricetag: Rm 15 now RM 10!!!
the Girlygirldress
Code: A10
Size: M

cute dress for the cute you

detail pada bahagian lengan

bahagian bawah dress/it gives two tone effect

Pricetag: Rm 15 now RM10!!

the Checkered3
Code: A11
Size: S



Pricetag: Rm 25 now RM20!!

the Black bAck zippeR
Code: A12
Size: S to small M

show the curves with this baby

come with belt too

back view


Sold to Shaina, TQVM!!!


SWAP WITH mywardrobeclearence.blogspot.com!!! TQVM


SOLD 2 zELL, tQ darling!!!


Code: A16
Size: M
Pricetag: Rm 5


kain corak bunga lobang-lobang aka BLL =)


Booked by FIzzy
the long and maxi dress
Code: A17
Size: M to L

butang kat hujung lengan

Tuesday post=)

Another selection of nice clotch...2 days booking as usual ya..
Rm15 now RM10!!!!!!

the sUeetGreenJane

Code: A6

Size: fit M to slightly small L * Halter neck dress

details kat bahagian dada


*Bookd by Shaina* RM25 now RM20!!!

the Checkered dress

Code: A7 Size: M

Wear it with your fave office pants or why not jeans!!

the upper part

bahagian bawah baju..ada poket

warna sebenar baju

cerut bergetah kat bahagian belakang


RM11 now RM9!!!!

the Checkered dress 2

Code: A8

Size: S to M

kain jenis bergetah/expandable

Cerut pada hujung lengan

details pada bahagian leher


RM11 now RM9!!!

the little Dress and its half cardi (attached)

Code: A9

Size: S on the tag but small M also fit

baju ala-ala singlet kat dalam bila half cardi removed

dress ni pun ada dua poket (bulat merah tu)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Bag Edition 1

Have your eyes feast on these lovely bags....as usual booking 2 hari aje ye =)
W (Width) , D (Depth). Ukuran ini is more or less saja ya.

W: 30 cm
D: 25cm
Pricetag: RM27 + FREE postage

Closeup (snake like teksture)

a peak inside


Sold to Nur Amira. TQVM darl!!!


Sold to Nur Amira.TQVM darl!!



Pricetag:Rm15 + FREE DELIVERY!!!!

Boleh dicerutkan di bahagian hujung

Teksture beg is like guni but no worries babe,
it wont caused itchiness


Sold to Samantha,TQVM


Friday, December 17, 2010

As promised

Hi darls,

I know its been a while but here it is!! Hope this few clothes will find its new owner..say hi to...

SOLD to Natasha..TYVM!!!

Collar could be wear like this


like this so sorry but its kind of like simple exercise for the neck =)



now RM10

the bOhochics
Code: A2
Size: wearable for large M to slightly XL size

**cotton fabric/ the neck is quite wide
accessorize it with belt for the umphh =)

the overall look

details on the neck area

corak and detail sebenar dress


rm15 now RM10!!!!

the floWeryflora
Code: A3
Size: wearable for large M to L size
**of Nicole brand

great for office wear

ropol/frill details


rm15 now RM10
tHe sErious Chic
Code: A4
Size: wearable for S to small M size
**wear with your mini shirt or sleeveless blouse

come with belt

adjustable belt

back view


rm10 now RM8

tHe Whitey & stripy
Code: A5
Size: wearable for M to small L size
**lots of hook button..captain of hook!

apologize for the low light effect

MNG brand

the hook start at the front

and again all the way to half of the sleeve