..... they do deserve a second chance..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Last Fashionitas update

Biggg..bigggggg...biggggggggg apology to all darls.my lappy broke down again hence the delay in updating these following babies..maybe its time to change the lappy huhh..

anyway, here's some more items for you...look, pick and love them!!!



RM15now RM11

Code: A23

size: M to L

*kain berbulu sedikit


RM16 now RM 11

Code: A24

Size: M to L


RM20 now RM11

Code: A25

size: S to M


FREEBIES to Shaina =)





RM: 26 now RM 20
Code: A29
Size: M to L
Labuh baju: 90 ++ cm
* Personal items. worn once only,still in good condition

butang untuk tanggal atau pasangkan tali pinggang satin tali satin yg deattachable/pasangtanggal kan


RM30 now RM20 (FREE POSTAGE!!!)
Code: A30
Size: Free Size
*sheer through material bought at creammypuff.blogspot


RM16 now RM9
Code: A31
Size: M to L

Sold To M TQVM

RM15now RM10
Code A33
Size: M

RM18 now RM10

Code A34
Size: M

upcoming update for u gojes

to all darls,

the2ndglare will be having another new update tomorrow..yes tomorrow!!!
so make sure u tune in to the2ndglare ya...to all followers maybe this is the time where u can use the privilege offered just for u =)

see ya

Saturday, February 12, 2011

vintage belts..here they come!!!

haPPy saturday to all..

one of my CNY journey has resulted in me finding these babies..

for those vintage fashion chicks, it for you...


the back surface

pattern of belts..berulang-ulang


Code: B2

length: 99cm

price= RM 20 now RM15

(free posting fee!!!!)

unique head of the belt



Code: B3

length: 90cm

price= RM 22 now RM15

(free posting fee!!!!)


Code: B4

length: 96cm

price= RM 29 now RM20

(free posting fee!!!!)

2 small size twisted unique belts

unique way to belt up your figure

reviewed in vintage reviewer!!!

thank u so much to OpsIStoleThisFromGranny (http://stolenfromgranny.blogspot.com/)
for the review!!!

and thanks also to Preloved park, Shoppers networks, Blogmuffins and i think there are still lot more (sorry xingat =( ) for their early contribution in reviewing the2ndglare !!!

and to all my follower watchout for new update..this time belts is the next best thing !!!